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Big Bully Organization
Glendale, AZ  USA
Born on February 20, 1982.
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Instrumentals : Dirty South
The Big Bully Organization isnt a band, its not a record label, ITS A MOVEMENT !!! under leadership of Silent Alwayz, ceo, we're taking Phoenix, AZ to the next level of hip-hop... www.bigbullyonline.com
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About Me
B. Owens aka Silent Alwayz CEO, Da Big Bully Organization, unsigned label email- Big_Bully_Org@yahoo.com alt email- POPAPOTEMUS@yahoo.com website- www.twitter.com/bigbullyorg phone - 623-810-0575
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Home Recording Part 3   Choose your medium
The first thing to figure out when setting up your home studio is what you wish to record to.

Do you plan on recording with a computer, or with a stand-alone recording device like a digital multitrack? Each way has it's advantages and disadvantages; however, the most bang-for-the-buck today is computer recording, especially if your computer was made anytime in the last few years.

If you aren't computer-savvy, consider a product like the Fostex MR-16HD ($399), an all-in-one digital recorder capable of recording four tracks simultaneously, and mixing up to sixteen tracks per...
Home Recording Part 5   Other software options
If you choose not to go the Pro Tools route, there are many additional options you can consider, well within any budget.

Apple's built-in GarageBand software is fully capable of multitrack recording, although the mixdown options are somewhat limited. If you have a recent Mac with OS X, GarageBand is many times included for free.

Apple's Logic software is quickly gaining a reputation for great quality multitrack work as well. Other software packages include Cakewalk and Cubase. One thing to remember is that it's very easy to over-buy when getting started. Stick to ...
Home Recording Part 4   The Interface
The first two things to consider are your software and your interface options. Your recording interface is, simply, the piece of hardware you connect your computer to in order to record. There's a lot of options, and all of them are better than using your internal microphone!

I use the Focusrite Sapphire Pro 24 DSP as my INTERFACE.

Pro Tools vs. everything else

Digidesign's Pro Tools software suite is the standard of almost every major commercial and project studio in the world, and with good reason. Pro Tools is highly stable, offers limitless expansion, and the industry-...
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I like da beats da prety tight!!
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