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Larry Ludwick
Born on November 13, 1947.
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Electronic : Electronica
Electronica, New Age, Smooth Jazz and some Classical.
Podcasts : Stories
The power of the spoken word or spoken image.
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About Me
Music, Music, Music. I love Music and people who make their own music in any form.
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Stevey D
Larry Ludwick. This is Stevey D. I have not been very active on Soundclick for the last couple of years. What the heck happened to the forum? Too much to manage? Oh well, was wandering if you could critique my latest song " Time of dispair"? I was inspired by the world news coverage of the Syrian kid whos family was bombed by their own government. It touched me so I had to write a song about it. I'd like to hear from you, send me a message if you like. Take care.
Larry Ludwick
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If you would like to listen to the songs in the current CC Showcase - #67 - Preliminary 2, copy the link below and past in your browser: https://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?member=elizabeth%20ludwick&content=station&id=1105716
Thanks for the friend acceptance!!
Thanks for accepting my friend request :)! Mauri.
Thanks for stopping by Larry, much appreciated, L
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