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damian dapice
new bedford, ma  USA
Born on February 13, 1988.
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About Me
wut up to all my fans an all my people out there well where do i begin first an formost my name is Damian aKa Da Pice aka Pice,if you are wondering how i got that name my nigga drisac was the one who dubed my the name witch also has mutiple meanings one its my last name so you know its original an 2 i look at the rap game as a big puzzle all the pices are there ecept that one the one element that can change the whole way uyou look at the hip hop world that i carry rep an maintain to this day im 20 years old i born in fort walten beach florida where the best be at but im a New Bedford resadent now i got an album in the works the name of it is Motif witch is a french word that means 1. a recurring subject, theme, idea, etc., esp. in a literary, artistic, or musical work. 2. a dominant idea or feature: the profit motif of free enterprise. i thought it was a great name for my first album a nice way to start off strong but dont worrie the album will be out soon until then jus come through show a nigga some love listen to my music an let me know wut you think ight get at me one.......
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