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Ginny Rose
Eaton, OH  USA
Born on October 11, 1954.
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About Me
I like things that work, so often things don't. I like to keep it simple, things just seem to work better that way. I like to be kind to others and make friends. I like to study about Astronomy and all things connected with space and how our solar system works.
Dear Ginny, it's a long time I didn't read from you ... I was far of sdk for a while but thinking to you each time I open my page ! I hope everything is right for you and I send my best wishes to you for 2017, serenity, health and love ! :) Keep in touch !
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Hey Giny, it's a while! Thinking so long time to where are you? Coming to wish you Happy Christmas with a good new: the Sanguinet Jazzband (i'm the pianist) got 1rst to day in the "JAZZ -cover songs" chart ! :) The tiltle is "YARDBIRD SUITE" (C Parker). Take it like a present. Miss you...! http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=12522844
marc morlock
Have a Great Christmas & Happy New-Year "Ginny" I hope all is well !! Love Marc
Hi Ginny, i told you how lack of time keep me far of the web, however i have to log in and send to you my best wishes of hope, health and love for this new year. It may be will hard for many people, so i keep a place in my prayers for you for the good vibrations you sent to me. I hope those words will find you ok, i kiss you.:) One love, Hervé PS: i posted 2 tunes made since a while that i didn't published yet. Also one tune played with Sanguinet Jazz band
marc morlock
Merry Christmas & Happy New-Year "Ginny" All the best for 2011 Marc
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