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Carol Douglas
Cumbria, United Kingdom
My own artist page
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I started writing about 20 years ago and am easily inspired either by personal experiences, things said in conversation, being given a challenge, or being moved or amused by something.
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About Me
I'm a UK based songwriter/lyricist and my material covers a very diverse range of genres. I started writing about 25 years ago and am easily inspired either by personal experiences, things said in conversation, being given a challenge, or being moved or amused by something. BBC RADIO PLAYS....A couple of my songs have been played by TOM ROBINSON on BBC RADIO 6 INTRODUCING, and many others on different regional BBC stations such as Radio Lancashire, by the Late Joe Fish on his renowned Country show. SELF RELEASED ALBUMS by co-writers "SEVEN SHADES OF GREY" is one of Paul Jefferys albums and included on it are both of our co-writes "Money from the satisfied man" and "Through heartache and back" The songs were produced by Jon Strong. "The Man in Moon" was written with DiegoB of Germany and is on his album "ALL THESE YEARS" "On my Kawasaki Dream" was written with RS Cain of the USA and is on his album "TWISTED TALES OF THE HONKY TONK MONKEY" Sept. 2018...."Julio"and 7 other songs have been released on a new album "Half empty glass man" produced by Peter Lagarde in Germany. Pluxx7 Studio My aim is to secure song placements and sync. licensing deals so please get in touch if you can help.
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Hi Carol:thanks for coming over to my page I love stopping in to listen to your new songs you are an awesome writer Once again thanks for stoppin in.
Irene L
Hi thanks for your lovely comment on my daughter's song..You have a wonderful and varied collection of songs!!
Bob Forbes
Hi Carol, Hope you've been doing well - stopping by to wish you a safe and happy Holiday season in the UK ...and... once again to invite you to listen to my latest seasonal arrangement: http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11227309 Cheers to the good times ~ Bob
Carol :) Thank you for adding Necromancer to your station! Best wishes. Nigel
Maria Daines
Hi Carol, thanks so much for your phone msg, I didn't see the debate programme but hope it turned out to be a step forward for the animals, thanks for letting us know, we're still not good at catching up on the phone, mostly have it unplugged so it doesn't ring when we're recording, then I forget to plug it back in, nothing changes here LOL!! :) Hope you are well and I'm going to check out what's new in your song store now, sending our best to you and yours and a big hug. Bye for now Love from Maria & Paul xx
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