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Wayne Roy Brown
Vinemont, AL  USA
Born on November 10, 1946.
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Country : Alternative Country
Wayne R Brown and friends is a collection of songwriters I have worked with over the years. Inspiring talents like Mo Hyatt, Dan Bunting, Brenda Perry, John Lott, Jack Taylor, Dave Hendrickson, Janet Devers, and so many others.
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About Me
I began writing songs in 1959 at age 12 and had my first songs published in the mid 70's in Nashville with cuts by indy artists and Caprice Records. In October 1969 I landed my first radio job with WTRX (Pop-Rock) in Flint, Michigan. Three years later I was offered a job right down the road at WKMF, Flint's top rated country station. In the mid 80's I was invited by Dr. Art Bond to host a song writing workshop at Calhoun college in Decatur, Alabama. Dr. Bond wanted to see if there was enough local interest to support new Music Industries courses within the Fine Arts department. There was! Debi Cochran, author of Collin Raye's "My Kind Of Girl" was a student in that first class. Things are going very well since the heart attack on April 24th. 2011 and Belle now calls it the anniversary of my "Not being dead" Gotta love her...
Hi Wayne, Just here to wish you a Great Holiday Season! By the way - Keep up the great work my friend. Really like your sound! Greetings from Sweden, Svante / Clubsville
Hi Wayne So glad you stopped by..Hope you have a great weekend Going to check out your music page :) Vonee
Hi Wayne - thanks for adding True Love to your station! Paul, our bass player, is originally from Flint! Small world. Cherri
Wayne Roy Brown
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I do a lot of writing with "friends", hence the name of my band page. But the site is focused on getting our songs out to artists, producers, and publishers who do not require a polished demo to recognize the full potential of a well written song. Some of the "demos" here are early takes saved as archived references for future studio projects. But as they used to say in Nashville: "It's all about the song." Not the quality of the pitching demo.
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