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Dave Lambert
Midwest, USA
My own artist page
Blues : Blues Rock
Soul Searing Roadhouse Rock and Blues 101 for Guitar...
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About Me
This is a true Roadhouse show! The Dave Lambert Band arrived from its's roots as a driving blues band into one of the Midwest's finest Roadhouse Remedies. Blistering renditions of 20's and 30's blues classics mixed with guitar magic and slide prowess make this one a must see...Sonicbids EPK (sonicbids.com/davelambertband)
The songs rotate...   Check back often to catch up with any changes as we will be adding more music soon.
Calendar...www.davelambertband.com   Until I get it up here you can keep up with us at this site.
Brand New   It's new to me but I will have music up ASAP. Thanks for your patience!
Carlos Carranza
Hello Dave!..Im still running and sliding..lol..
Still on the road my friend? Check in when you get a minute :D -Mike
Greetings, Dave, I hope you and yours have a happy, peaceful Christmas and good health in the new year:). All the best, my friend, Mauri.
Thanks for the add. Appreciate it very much. Regards, Tommy
Carlos Carranza
Hey!!!..send me your mail by PM so I can send you some pics!...see you!
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