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Christian Fuerbacher
Born on July 31, 1968.
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About Me
When I was younger I was very musical and performed in a ton of plays and choirs. Something happened in junior high and I walked away from music for a decade. I have rediscovered my love for music and hope you enjoy my stuff. Songs are coming soon. Christian Feuerbacher isn't my real name, but is a tribute to my heritage. Christian is my middle name and Feuerbacher is the last name of my great-grandparents who immigrated from Germany to the United States right before WWII. I was joking around with some friends and we were talking about stage names, it just popped into my head and they all thought it was a pretty good one. It was that or Steve Austin.
Dang   Life is too stinking busy and I missed my deadline. I am committed to making it happen this week. How embarrassing.
This weekend is it   I will get a song posted this weekend. I have been playing covers for quite a while and was hoping I could post some here (not for download and not to make money) , but it doesn't look like that is a possibility, So I had to write a song. I've been working on it for a couple weeks and think it might be close enough to record it and get it out here. As with most things, I am pretty particular so I have a hard time letting go and feeling like it's good enough.

I have enjoyed digging around here and listening to people play their stuff. Maybe what I need to do is find someone who loves to write ...
Hello   Just saying hello and trying to get this page up and running. I don't have a ton of time to write songs and much prefer creating unusual covers. I own 3 guitars. A Tacoma DR38 which is my pride and joy. This is the greatest sounding guitar I have ever played or heard, and I have played more than a few 3K+ guitars. I'll blog about how I found it later. I also own a Tacoma DM9, which is a plain jane guitar that sounds amazing. I bought a Seagull S12+ on a whim for a good price and enjoy it, but I have not fallen in love with it like my Tacoma's.

If you read this, thanks and I will find time to ...
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