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Zelia Toledano
zilia tol
Panama, Panama
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World : World Fusion
Electro-fusion, all kind of fussions going on, from latin to raggae, tamborito, hip hop, funk. Great mixture
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About Me
Welcome to my electrofusion heart! I'm a singer- songwriter-producer from Panama. Member of the Latin Grammy's and was nomnated for one on 2,002 on "Best production"(urban). We all love music...that's why we`re here...but, I must say my passion is fussion. I have to be mixing all I get to know. So... I got into mixing funk with "tamborito" and congo and raggae and a little classical, and experimenting with synth and vocals...just love puting things together and listen to how they sound... Went to Berklee College of music to have an idea of what I was doing. What you're listening here is my CD " Here we go". Decided to define it as "electrofusion", because it doesn't really fit anywhere...he he! Hope you enjoy it. It's my contribution to freedom and joy in our lives, so, I wish you love, freedom and joy, Zilia
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Liked DEADWATER MONK's song Ride Like The Wind. Feb 23, 2012
Take my hand tonight.   Hi! A very good friend of mine told me today that he felt lonely.
Well...I guess we all get lonely now and then. Sometimes, we have a lot of people around us and still we feel lonely...been there? An incredible guitar player I know has this problem. Famous people have this problem. We all have it.
Maybe we haven't been in touch with ourselves lately...maybe we don' feel love in our hearts anymore. Listen to Love in my heeart. To all those who feel lonely tonight, thanks for visiting. I hope I keep you company for a while and fill you with some love.
Flying through your music....   Hi wonderful people!. Have been flying around soundclick, listening to a lot of music this days. It's amazing how many talented musicians are out there...I really enjoyed it. But, must of all, I must say, it made me think a lot. Every time I got into someone's music, it was like traveling to another planet. Was an incredible expiriece...I got myself out of my body and just got into the other musician's world...took time, but made me think and feel about music in a totally different way. I feel changed...for good...No...no...I'm not losing it, I'm fine. I'm touched by you, your planet and ...
Johnny Yellowheel
Zelia, Love "Here We Go". There is a passage in the 91st Psalm. It says: "His Fidelity if an Encircling Shield". That certainly applies to your music. It is the best of us when we reach it. We have a new tune I thought you might like. It is about the signs of our times. Please take a moment and listen to "Final Hand". Your thoughts are always greatly appreciated. Take care, Johnny
Hi Zilia, it's a while...! Same feelings still listening your stuff :) "Let the Music Free", "Reina Anonima", "Love in my Heart" ...
Hey Zilia - hope all is well with you. - Friend from Berklee ;)
Amado Alves
Here We Go is so refreshing. Impecable production. Cheers.
Johnny Yellowheel
Thank You Ms Z.. Your music always blows me away...
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