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David the Green Man
Choateville, KY  USA
Born on March 21, 1962.
My own artist page
Rock : Psychedelic Rock
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The Green House Journal   Yesterday, in the rain. we got all tires and carpt off the properety. today we planted seeds from the hierloom seed class that mom and i took at the library. I will have to use wood for my potatoe bins as there are no longer any tires on the property. GOD bless all my nieghbors.
2/28/10   LORD, please tell me what to type...
It has been too long since i have written. Much has happened, much has changed, much has grown in YOU, LORD JESUS! Thank YOU for all the blessings and lessons YOU have taught me this year, so far.
The readers do not know that i gave you the first moment, minute, hour, day, week, and month of this year that is the first year of the new millenium with double digits! This is why they have not seen or heard much from me of late.
WE have become closer for this, my GOD! Selah!
Also, i give this first post, this my first writing to YOU, FATHER! ABBA! All praise ...
Free mp3's   While we wait patiently for the release of the second Doomsayrz CD, "The Stepz of Redemption", we want to play a little game. We want to see if we can give away a million free mp3 downloads from the first album, "Lost Souls", before the new CD is released. So click on the music page below and then on the download arrow next to the song you want. You may be asked to register for a Soundclick listener account, but it is free and has many cool features for finding and listening to all kinds of cool new music, and alot of it, like "Lost Souls", is free!
If you don't want to register or if you ...
roger john
Thanks, have a great week!
ken hutcheson
Have a wonderful New Year!
David, As someone who's enjoyed Project-43 and my tunes in the past...check out my new collaboration with...Project-43 ;-) It's called "Burn Mission". Hopefully, it's no cure for insomnia! Take care friend, -Steve ("dvaoa")
Keith Dallas Ward
muchThanks for adding 16 miles... glad to be a friend...peace
Hi David, Thanks for adding my tune to your station, is quite an honour. Listened to Misstress of ILLusion, really enjoyed the song. Cheers Mike
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