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Born on March 11, 2004.
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Classical : Classical General
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Letter to Lan (part I of VI)  

aka Candy2046

(***painless all in one version available here---> A Winter's Tail)

A Winter's~ Tail

Hi Lan,

One harsh Winter about five years ago, perhaps the worst in Southern California's history, it rained and rained and rained, day after day without stop, it fell so hard and fast that rivers dried up by ten years of drought quickly filled and overflowed almost over night. This torrent of water led to sudden mudslides...homes worth millions of dollars slid off mountain sides, highways collapsed, and some people, caught by surprise, were actually buried alive...

Late one night in ...
Letter to Lan (part II of VI)  
“A Winter's~ Tail” continued...

It would be several weeks
before the worst of the weather
finally did die down
enough so that surely my little guest
would have left by now

So to be awakened in the quiet of the night by a loud


was quite the surprise

As so near and thunderous
this sound did seem,
I was half certain my little mouse friend
had crawled into bed with me

Now it was my turn
to have eyes grow affright
as hastily, I scrambled
to turn on the light

But no sooner had I illumed my room
that the little mouse had mysteriously
disappeared from view.

You ...
Letter to Lan (part III of VI)  
“A Winter's~ Tail” continued...

Early the next day it was almonds I discovered broken into
disgusted, I discarded them and sealed up all the other food
There! I declared, satisfied with myself,
No more stealing you very bad little mouse!

It wouldn't be long now
before he had no choice but to leave
to go to where the grasses were moist and green
then once again I would have my peace

The next night it wasn't as surprising
While drifting near the threshold of sleep
to hear him decide this
was the perfect time to eat.



With eyes ...
I'm up with another one. Thanks in advance for your support, please check it out. https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13880781 "Spoils of war" ENJOY!!!
How long is the distance between disappearance? Soon, I Hope!
pete hawkins
Hello hope all is well with you on our planet.
Hi Summ, how are you? I long time was not at SC, but now you can to hear my new vocal record - Vergin tutto amor from Francesco Durante. Come to hear. :-) What is new by you? With nice greetings Jiri
Hi, sum. It's Phoenix. Long time no see. I was upset and depressed the last time I came here. A lot of dark personal things happened a while ago, and I was very emotional and sensitive. I'm unhappy I never dropped by since. Too much time has past, so... Things are a little better for me. I'm now a cat and fish mommy. Sounds weird, but yeah. I caught up on your posts. You're such a nice person. I always appreciate your messages. Your family and friends must be so proud to know and have you. Congratulations on your studies! You always worked hard. That's great. I'm so happy for you. I hope things are still going well for you. Anyway, I just thought I'd stop by and say hi. Thanks -- Phoenix.
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