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Chris J. Brown
La Verne, CA  USA
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Collab Band Release Coming Soon!
May 12, 2009

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Bobby Wayne (Guitars-Oregon), Marc Meistner (Drums-Germany) and Myself (Keyboards-Los Angeles) have been working on a collaboration project together for over a year now and are getting close to releasing our first cd. We've never met except through emails and sending music tracks back and forth between each other...to do this we all decided on common software (Cubase) and set up an ftp site to upload and download files. The process has been interesting and we have come up with some great music together. We have never met personally and we all found each other through our music on Soundclick... The music is a fusion of Jazz, Rock, R&B, with elements of Middle Eastern, Asian, and Urban sounds. If you want to hear a sample of what we're doing - email me at mellosonic@gmx.com and I'll send you a ;;link to download a preview....Stay Tuned! Mello
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digitsoundz Dear Chris,
You are going to be sorely missed around here at Soundclick and anywhere else that you've left your footprints. Thank you for the legacy that you have left for all to enjoy and let the music continue for it will stand the test of time, unlike humanity.

Your friend,

Leonard B~
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