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New Linux Multimedia Project
Feb 2, 2009
Hi All - I'm working on a free Operating System that comes with everything you need to produce multimedia....It's almost like using windows xp or Mac and it will automatically setup your net connections...it's based on slackware linux but it's user friendly and FREE.. - It boots and works from the cd (no installation necessary) and works on most PC's... Just burn the ISO(cd image) to a CD and boot it up (your computer has to be set to boot from the CD) Try it out - you'll find out how up to date Linux is and it may open up some new worlds to you
Here's a list of some of the programs:
Audacity - Audio Processor
Seq24 - Midi Sequencer
Alsa - Sound mixer
Qjackctrl - Jack audio server
LMMS - Linux Miultimedia Studio
Muse - Audio/midi DAW
Hydrogen - Drum Sequencer
MhWavedit - Wave Editor
ZynAddSubFX - Software Synthesizer
Cinellera - Video Workstation
AvidDemux - Video Editor
WxCam - Web Cam Utility
Nero Linux - CD/DVD burner - utility
K9copy - dvd copier
K3b - CD/DVD burning
KAudio - Audio CD ripper
Gimp - Like Photoshop
Inkscape - Image Manipulation
DigiKam - works with Digital Cameras
Camorama - Photo Editing
Kolour Paint - Paint Program
Show Foto - Image Viewer

Download here 510megs -


try it out - let me know what you think - peace/mello
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dreamsdriver Hi Mello , how's it going, just stopping by
to wish you a great week,
just wached the video of the Jam Session
great performance.
Look forward to hear your next work
Take care,
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