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Jun 3, 2008
hi Friends, 2009 is here, George Bush is gone! That alone is giving me inspiration for the coming year...Whatever happens will happen but at least we won't have a puppet taking care of business....Predictions: Haliburton will be put under investigation and Dick Cheney will be indited on misuse of government funds...Condeleeza Rice will give up politics and become a concert pianist...Gay marriage will become legal and Condeleeza will come out of the closet and marry her longtime girlfriend...George Bush will start a comedy act and become wildly successful. Barack Obama will manage to turn around the economy by taking over the banking system and and giving 350 billion to american citizens (1000$ each adult citizen). Music will take a new turn due to virtual 9.1 super psychoacoustic concert sound... Music acts will start performing in new types of concert halls where a new feel good air conditioner is used and a pharmaceutical equivalent to ecstasy (though legal) is added to the air supply...This will be declared illegal after all the audiences quit their jobs and become artists and advertising executives...Stem cell research will resume and 50% of diseases will be cured in the 1st year...Aids will be a thing of the past after a new venereal disease starts attacking men who use penis enlargement pills and viagra at the same time...White collar criminals who defraud consumers (ie: Enron, Madoff, Etc..) will be sent to Guantanamo Bay and be the new roommates for terrorists already there... The republican party will become the new minority and will be outlawed by the end of the year... All political republicans will move to Texas and secede from the United States...California will also secede become a new country...President Schwarzenegger will excuse the state debt and cut taxes as well as release all drug offenders from jails. California will start a new cottage industry by legalizing hemp and opening state controlled rehab centers..Cars will run on hemp oil, paper and clothes made from hemp will dominate US markets as well as overseas.
New millionaires from India will move to New Mexico and start a new American Bollywood in Albuquerque which will also become a hub for American Hotel Companies...Global warming turns out to be a great thing and Greenland turns out to be the new party capitol of the world...Israel moves to Southern Greenland and Palestinians try to take over Egypt by digging tunnels under Cairo and filling them with goats and refusing to clean the goat poop...New religions take hold as old religions turn into new ones, spirituality suffers... Overpopulation takes over as the latest world problem and replaces global warming as the new apocalypse... and the list goes on and on and on...last but not least: a man helps another man for no reason and a new fad is begun...peace/mello

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deyanangeloff thanx man that you liked my duet with veneta rangelova. i also now put my songs and videos here.regards.deyan angeloff,bulgarian singer and composer.
deyanangeloff thanx my friend.veneta is my sister in law also. i work nowdays in spain,canarias .in bulgaria no more good show business and we look for our luck,that is why i am here,but temporarily until i find my manager or maybe he finds me.your music is very interesting .i like it.
rodrica Great video from your niece - it's time for a change. The UK needs new leadership too. There are many issues that need addressing and we need a fresh approach and some new ideas.
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