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Chris J. Brown
La Verne, CA  USA
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Electronic : Electronica
Mellosonic aka Chris J. Brown, Keyboardist, Audio Engineer, Now writing material for T.V. and Movie Soundtrax...Contemporary Electronic/Urban type style. Has la
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Mellosonic aka Chris J. Brown, Keyboardist, Audio Engineer, Now writing material for T.V. and Movie Soundtrax...Contemporary Electronic/Urban type style. NOTICE! Nu Collaboration with Rodrica Rudge "WHEELS IN MOTION" - Instrumental Track by Mellosonic and friends, Vocal Tracks/Lyrics/Arrangement by Rodrica Rudge...New Music -> Born Killermix - nu indiefilm soundtrack by mello...
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Bobby Wayne (Guitars-Oregon), Marc Meistner (Drums-Germany) and Myself (Keyboards-Los Angeles) have been working on a collaboration project together for over a year now and are getting close to releasing our first cd. We've never met except through emails and sending music tracks back and forth between each other...to do this we all decided on common software (Cubase) and set up an ftp site to upload and download files. The process has been interesting and we have come up with some great music together. We have never met personally and we all found each other ...
New Linux Multimedia Project   Hi All - I'm working on a free Operating System that comes with everything you need to produce multimedia....It's almost like using windows xp or Mac and it will automatically setup your net connections...it's based on slackware linux but it's user friendly and FREE.. - It boots and works from the cd (no installation necessary) and works on most PC's... Just burn the ISO(cd image) to a CD and boot it up (your computer has to be set to boot from the CD) Try it out - you'll find out how up to date Linux is and it may open up some new worlds to you
Here's a list of some of the programs:
Welcome to Mellosonic   hi Friends, 2009 is here, George Bush is gone! That alone is giving me inspiration for the coming year...Whatever happens will happen but at least we won't have a puppet taking care of business....Predictions: Haliburton will be put under investigation and Dick Cheney will be indited on misuse of government funds...Condeleeza Rice will give up politics and become a concert pianist...Gay marriage will become legal and Condeleeza will come out of the closet and marry her longtime girlfriend...George Bush will start a comedy act and become wildly successful. Barack Obama will manage to turn ...
Michael Duran
Wish you were here, Rest in peace bruddah Mello.
1 year on - Soundclick Friends remembering our brother Mello (Chris). May 9th 1958 - September 23rd 2009 R.I.P.
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Oh no just at this moment having a second listen to your live "after everyone leaves " wanted to let you know how good this track has made me feel this morning and noticed the,real sad news your great spirit and friendship will be missed. Tony
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Just heared the tearily news. You touched me deeply with your style ! And how many times you made me laugh ! Can´t believe you´re gone. And our collab work are the last recordings you did. You were the best keyboarder I´ve played together with! Your inspiration will proceed! I miss you much, Bruddah !
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