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Carlos Carranza
Cordoba, Argentina
Born on February 2, 1971.
My own artist page
Blues : Country Blues
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About Me
Guitar player from Cordoba,Argentina.......
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Hi Carlos! Thanks for all the videos and pics on FaceBook. Good to see that someone is playing live :) I have a new one up called "Sometimes". Cheers Holger.
To my good friend , please give my new song from the Lee Sommers Project "The Moment When" a spin I might be dating myself.LOL https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13837622
Hola amigo! long time no see, but glad you are still around my friend! wishing all the best Carlos! MD
Hey Soundclick friends. This is Lee from assortedpeople. After a 3 year break I decided to get back to it. Please give a listen to a new original "across the room" Lee sommers project https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13835759 While your at it please visit https://soundclick.com/thefabulousfireflies My brother Hans and his wife knocking them out. Thank you in advance.
Carlos! hey man good to hear from ya. Time surely does fly by. Hope you're holding up well healthwise and still playin' that resonator. Enjoy that mid-summer weather..it's like the North Pole here!
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