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Waterford, Ct.  USA
Born on November 30, 1950.
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About Me
Kick back, relax, and smell the coffee. I'm the type of person who doesn't sweat the small stuff. And it's all small stuff! I enjoy the simple things that too many folks seem to walk right past now a days. You have to be able to see what's right under your feet, take a whiff of the fresh air, check out a babbling brook or lay on the ground and look up at a tree or a cloud. There's an old Native American saying: "Only the rocks live forever". So stop, look around and enjoy life while you can. I live in Connecticut and I'm a big Philadelphia Flyers fan, hence the monicker I use (No, I'm not a con on the fly, though I've probably worked with a few, LOL). I played the skins for about 12 years in an assortment of different bands, then converted over to the technical end starting as a roadie, lighting tech, soundman and ended my musical career as a road manager. I've had the fortune of working with and meeting some great artists over the years and good people who work behind the scenes. Special recognition to Rick Kissenger (Scorpion), Kenny Jeremiah (Soul Survivors), and Shirley Goodman (Shirley & Lee, Shirley & Company),a man who was a best friend and guitar whiz, a man who was like a brother, and the sweetest lady I ever met (may she rest in peace). I now protect the earth, sky, ocean and oilpaint for a living. Mitakuye Oyasin! <-- Bernie Parent, Me, Brad Park & Joe Watson
Are some artists deceiving the public?   I attend a lot of concerts by bands who were once popular recording artists. And though a usually do my homework by checking into seeing what artists are still with a particular band, I'm sure there are many folks who have no idea that they are not seeing the original group in whole. Many acts out there are still using their original names, while only one or two members were with the original group. And lately, some States have formulated laws against bands for using the original names when no members were in the original group. Which more or less makes them nothing more then a cover band of ...
Have concert tickets become unaffordable?   Ok, I'm old school. In that I mean I grew up through the 60's where you could go to a small venue and see The Doors, The Mothers Of Invention and Jethro Tull all in the same night for $5. Now a days I have to pay $225 to go see The Eagles retire for the 6th time. Or pay $90 to sit in the nosebleed section. Do you think that promoters and artists have put the cost of concerts out of the reach of the normal working class hero?
Happy New Year! Peace and Love The Talismen
Hi Pat How's it going? Hope all is well! We have a new Song! "Talisman" Enjoy! We'd love it if you dropped by with a comment Peace Paul & Chris The Talismen
Hi Pat Thanks for your coments! Happy Easter! All The Best Paul & chris The Talismen
Hello Pat, Thank you for adding my songs to your station. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, :) Kurt
Pat,, You added my collab song!!!!!!!! Yah...that ROCKS!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! I just put it up and am very happy about it!
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