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Vadim Ehrlich
Kaufbeuren, Germany
Born on April 29, 1966.
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Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Electronic : Techno
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About Me
Vadim Ganzha - artist who has grown cold to this kind arts after acquaintance to art of a portrait in a photo. The opportunity of fast creation of a very objective portrait by means black& of a white photo has forced him to devote all time to this art. However created photo portrait seem to him uncompleted. It in his opinion, had not enough dynamics. The appeared opportunity to film 16 mm cinema on some time has given hope for filling of sensation of some uncompleteness of portraits, which quickly has dissipated. An example of musical videoes of the clips which have appeared In USSR with the start of epoch of a piracy, antiSoviet video has given creative impuls. The musical video, in some cases, represents a dynamic portrait of the main Hero filled by emotional "substrate". In this case speech goes about audio-visual synthetic creativity. Sensation and firm reliance that sounds, sound effects, musical voice-frequency (bass, drums) the sequences most simply solve a problem of filling of emotional emptiness or blank emotional niche, which can be felt with the spectator involved in process o
analogue music is alive!   I think anogue synt that starts epoque of electronic music is still
most creative way to produce interesting and unuzsual sound.
I think that Vynil is the best invents and it is much better than CD,
Electronic tubes - also is great! Look people start use Digital sound, CD, transistor Ampifyers, but all is worse than it was before!
I mean analogues is better! Check this
the krankshaft
I wish I had the money for all that warm sounding equipment!!
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