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Ray Kim
Troy, NY  USA
Born on January 15, 1967.
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Pop : Adult Contemporary
An adult contemporary band, with influences derived from classic and progressive rock, pop, jazz, and even classical.
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About Me
Check out my "band," Intermezzo! I am a classically trained musician. I am an accomplished pianist and clarinetist, and a not-as-accomplished saxophonist and mallet percussionist. I have been a songwriter since high school. My primary influences include classical, classic and progressive rock, and jazz. My favorite artists include (but are not limited to) Kansas, Supertramp, Boston, Toto, Journey, Chuck Mangione, Spyro Gyra, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Gustav Holst, and Frederic Chopin. I am not a professional musician; it just happens to be my primary hobby that I take VERY seriously. I work full-time in the IT industry, so I get to play with computers all day long. I'm married with no kids (yet -- just two cats). I am a lifelong New York State resident, and my songs reflect my home. Many of my songs (at least the ones that make references to geographic locations) make references to the great state of New York. I am an alumni brother of Kappa Kappa Psi national honorary band fraternity. If you are a fellow brother, feel free to drop me a line!
Simon R
Mate!, Thanks for your comments about Breath Of New York. I am no longer a resident in the states unfortunately. I truly hope that your connections with the Twin Towers were purely business and that you didn't lose anyone. My ex wife didn't lose anyone either but was inconsolable when we pressed our faces up against the fence and looked down onto the area. This was 2004 so there was little original to see. You quote Who's Line Is It Anyway as one of your favourite shows, I take it you mean the Brit version ? Just joshing. Anyway, thanks for adding my song. I am not that active just at the moment, (moving away, gtting setled, etc.) but look forward to checking out more of your stuff soon. Cheers, Simon R
Pianorayk, Thank you very much for adding me to your station! I'm happy that people have responded well to it. I enjoyed making this song. Happy new year! Trevor
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