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Celje, Slovenia
Born on January 13, 1970.
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Rock : Instrumental Rock
From jazz to metal, expect no mercy.
Rock : Progressive Rock
Cerebral progressive goth fusion metal
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About Me
LaughingSkull project started in june 2005, after an absence of 20 years. My first goal was to learn to improvise over simple chord progressions. But after I accidently composed my first song, I was hooked. Composition became my passion and there was no going back ... I have started to learn musical theory, and compositions became more mature. However as I play guitar only few years and have only one hour per day for my practicing, my technique still lacks the quality needed for those compositions to really shine. My influences range from classical (Bach mostly), to jazz, from heavy metal to progressive rock. ----------------------------------------------------------- ################ SC No.1 songs: 'Arise' (Rock) 'Early Frost' (Rock) 'Laughing Skull' (Metal) 'Comfortable In Hell' (Metal) 'Redeemer' (Metal) 'Dead Bacteries' (Rock) 'Angel Underneath' (Jazz) 'Absolute Truth' (Rock) 'Tensions' (Rock) 'Pawns Of God' (Metal) 'Never Again' (Rock) 'Fear The Fear' (Metal) 'Requiem For A Dream' (Metal) 'Enemy Within' (Metal) ################ Album 'Labyrinths Of The Soul' avaiable at AMAdea records.
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'Wanderer Of Dark Dreams' released by AMAdea Records   Thirteen compositions almost 80 minutes of instrumental progressive rock, with fusion and metal elements.
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'Captured In Mind' released by AMAdea Records   Thirteen compositions collected into dark, melancholic and intense journey. Released 28.02.2011. Mastered by Lyubomir Yordanov (www.ama-sound.com)
You know you have to have it in your collection. :)
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'Labyrinths Of The Soul' released by AMAdea Records   Thirteen LaughingSkull classics, mastered by Lyubomir Yordanov of AMA-Sound, have been collected under the name 'Labyrinths Of The Soul and released on 11.01.2010 by AMAdea Records.
Can you live without your copy? Guess not ... :)
Don't forget to visit the place and write a comment. Every opinion counts.


Just stopped by to listen to "EASE" again, YEH still fantastic sounds here !!!
Hey Soundclick friends. This is Lee from assortedpeople. After a 3 year break I decided to get back to it. Please give a listen to a new original "across the room" Lee sommers project https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13835759 While your at it please visit https://soundclick.com/thefabulousfireflies My brother Hans and his wife knocking them out. Thank you in advance.
Hello Man! New tune, Just a Lie .... Hope all is well!
Star Blue
you are still one of my Idols... Be Happy my friend...
Alexander Aruca
Just came by to check out the never endless quality that you produce my friend!
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