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They call him BRUCE
Sundown X
Born on March 15, 1968.
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Alternative : Alternative General
When chocolate meets peanut butter
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About Me
Please leave comments that's why we post are songs. Love to here back from you all!!!! It all helps!!!! Watch for our CD coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stopped in to listen, Great song!
Greetings from a blue-eyed bartender from Canada. What are the odds? I don't know.........I hope you got the stuff, you know, to shrink heads and add them to your belt... Cheers:)
haha thanks, I will try to get bands to play lol Greetings from Canada, where do you hail from yourself? xoxo
Sorry not sure of what you want to know? What song are you talking about? & No the girls are independents :)
zilia tol
Thanks so much for stopping by and listening to my music. You also left a comment. I really appreciate. I just listened to some of your music and left you a comment for "Cold". Will be back to listen to more. Love and music, Zilia Tol
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