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John Williams
Romulus, MI  USA
Born on August 2, 1961.
My own artist page
Urban : Funk
funk, r&b, soul, blues, jazz, house, garage, pop, rock, rap, gangsta, hip-hop, sexy, booty, techno, love, counrty, digital
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Yasmin-Morena heyy thx a lot i appreciate what u sayin cuz its so right... friends and family r so important to me... and its nice to see how many ppl r touched by my song... it feels awesome...
thx a lot

ill check yours out now

much luv

MirandaLeeXOXO Hey luv,

Stopping by to say hello and for your input.... Got a moment? lend me your ear ; )

lisarenee Hello,'s

Thank you for your warm compliments, "Wow" "Nona Hendrix? that's an honor!!! Thanks!!!!! Yes, I did and do still write my own lyrics, and lay tracks as well. Its a good experience for me.. I just started,actually its been 3 years.. and sometimes its a challenge, but, I love it.. but, I just wanted to say thanks... and Peace and many blessings, LisaRenee
lisarenee Love the sounds, keep in touch!

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