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Born on September 4, 1969.
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HipHop : Alternative Hip Hop
not a band - just a solo spitter who enjoyed collabing with artists from around the globe - here on soundclick!
Instrumentals : Beats General
I started to try to make beats by hand pounding beats into a keyboard and mixing and looping them on 'audacity' a free music mixing program. My son Jahziah is actually a better beat maker, so his beats will be posted here. as well.
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About Me
Life Lover just trying to make my way in a challenging world. I have deep love for everyone who collabed with me here on SoundClick, when I needed to spit just to feel alive. Looking forward to re-connecting. Haven't been on in awhile cuz I had no internet.
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Back to the Heart   For anyone who knows me here - yall know I love music - and hip-hop is my heart! If ya kno me pretty good - ya also kno I'm disgusted with tha ways of tha world and i don't trust politicians - including Obama and hiz cronies. I spent less time on SoundClick since Nov. 08 - to argue about politics on SodaHead - since mosta my friends here seemed to support Obama - and I valued them as friends - but thought they were too quick to believe a buncha hype. I met tha coolest dude on sodahead - who stood out above tha rest - in his insights about hood politics and how Obama isn't gonna fix shit. I...
Carlos C
Thanks for the listens take care;) -Carlos www.NJRox.com
Martin Phillips
Hi Emmamess just to say thanks for the friends thing and a station add too means a lot. Have a great week :) Martin
BlackReBel $$ouLJA
long time folk Goon classic still round appreciate your support as always keep in touch
BlackReBel $$ouLJA
been bouncing back Goon been thru some drama too hold your head up i say ...
new tracks up if u havent heard them yet
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