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The Next Superstar
Oak Park, IL  USA
Born on January 1, 1983.
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About Me


The AMERAFRICAN (pronounced, AM-er-african) Identity Movement was formed to promote accurate knowledge of the historical, present, and future contributions from the descendants of former African slaves in the Americas. These are the folks "formerly know as Black People", but also include qualifying members of the Carribean, West Indies, Central America, South America, and Pacific Islanders (like Samoa). In the spirit of Marcus Garvey's UNIA, Unity and Economic empowerment of AMERAFRICANS will better the world with peace and creativity that everyone should appreciate. If you support positive change, please visit our main site to join up today for free, tell 5 friends, and always display "Bold Glory" -- the New Black Flag with pride... http://www.AMERAFRICAN.com http://www.MySPace.com/AMERAFRICAN +1.888.5000.888 ext AIM
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