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Sandy Gavetè
Troy, MI  USA
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Nov 3, 2007
In April of 1991, after living most of my life with a debilitaing disease, I was rushed to the hospital (For the 3rd time in a month) hemoraging and unconscious.
The doctors in the trauma unit did their best, but could not help. My veins had collapsed to the point they couldn't even start an IV.

My husband and little ones were called in and told that it was time to say their 'last goodbyes'. Which they tearfully did.
It was then that a young Hindu surgeon heard my youngest daughter crying and decided to see what was going on. After hearing the facts of my case and learning the odds for my survival (which were next to nothing)
he took my husband aside and said; 'Please let me try something. I think I can help. I think I can give that beautiful little girl her mommy back".

Of course, my husband said yes; please do what you can: and I was rushed to a waiting operating room.

I was on that table for 14 hours. Keep in mind, I remember nothing of the trip to the hospital or the failed attempts to bring me around, let alone the trip to the OR, but I DO remember watching my own surgery and hearing the conversations in the operating room.

I watched and heard everything from above and was cloaked in a bright greenish blue light. I even remember the music that was playing in the OR. One of the songs playing was Gary Wrights 'Dreamweaver' (one of my favorite songs). Beside me were my long deceased American Indian grandfather and my beloved father who passed 10 years earlier. They were silent but their presence alone, was a great comfort.

When the surgery was nearing the end, I 'felt' my Grandpa Freshwater gently pushing me down towards my body, while my dad silently whispered that I must go finish my work.

A few hours later; I awoke in the recovery room with a very grateful family at my side.

Since that day, I have been Cancer and disease free. I am healthier and happier today than I was at 20!

When I was young I took things for granted and lived for the moment, the material comforts and goodies I could get.

Now, I appreciate all aspects of life from the most insignificent to the monumental. Life is glorious.
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