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Sandy Gavetè
Troy, MI  USA
My own artist page
Acoustic : Acoustic Guitar
Solo music done by a former backup singer for Fleetwood Mac
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About Me
I'm proud to tell you that I've been married to my high school sweetie for many, many years and live in the beautiful state of Michigan, although I was born and raised in London England. I work as a graphic artist for 'Viacom'. One of my earliest jobs was as a backup singer for a pretty well known group called "Fleetwood Mac"; But my favorite singer of this new age is 'SiriSat = Julia Claire'.

I've been very fortunate: I'm lucky enough to be the mother of 4 wonderful grown children as well as 5 of the most precious grandchildren in the world. I now have the honor of raising my oldest grandchild, a lovely young girl named 'Paige' who is 14! She plays the guitar (acoustic,electric & spanish) and has the voice of an angel so you can count on me adding some of her songs here.

My priorities are loving my fellow man, the earth and all of it's creatures & of course, my family. Living life to the fullest,reading and writing poetry, music, & relaxing on our boat are also great joys of mine. Friends here are also welcome to visit me on MySpace.
My favorite quote:  
The day I died, was the best day of my life.   In April of 1991, after living most of my life with a debilitaing disease, I was rushed to the hospital (For the 3rd time in a month) hemoraging and unconscious.
The doctors in the trauma unit did their best, but could not help. My veins had collapsed to the point they couldn't even start an IV.

My husband and little ones were called in and told that it was time to say their 'last goodbyes'. Which they tearfully did.
It was then that a young Hindu surgeon heard my youngest daughter crying and decided to see what was going on. After hearing the facts of my case and learning the odds for my ...
My dearest friend, I am so grateful for your friendship & support! I did not know you sang with Fleetwood Mac too - what an artist you are... Thank you for your beautiful shining light. I miss you on the "other" site! Many Blessings always to you & your family, SiriSat - x -
My Beautiful talented friend Unity, Your graphic art is indeed wonderful & I so love the avatar picture you made me on our other site. I am so happy to greet you here & thank you from my heart for your love, appreciation & support with my music... Blessings, Love & Light to you & your sweet family! SiriSat - x -
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