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Richard Domina
reckless gents
Brattleboro, Vermont  USA
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Pop : Adult Contemporary
Alternative : Indie
*Pop Noir* ....driven by unending locomotive love and annoyances...stops for nothing and no one! The Gents: Creighton Hack~ Bass Bert Swerl~ Guitars Jaspar
Pop : Adult Contemporary
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About Me
A collection of soul snap-shots from the front lines of everyday life
Hey Rick, here I am again. Thanks for your station add and nice comments. I'm glad you like "Geheimnis" that much. I listened to your station as well and found "New York City Taxi" of The Monterey Fire. That track reminded me very much on a Belgian band, called Deus. Just try them, I'm sure you like it. Bey, Alexander
Hello Rick, Here is another board-refreshing message. Thanks for your private message. Why didn't you post it on my message board? Have a nice week. Greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
Hello Rick, I see it is working! There are very old messages on your board, out of the middle ages, so let me post a new one on 9/11. If you have got questions, you can always go to the SoundClick staff (on your friends list) and they will help you. Have a nice day and many greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
Whoa dude...slow down....what are you trying to do, make me look funky in a bad way? Your new track is, well, a reckless gem! Keep up the great work. BTW the BG vocals really kick it all up a notch.
Most of the messages here seem a bit self serving though nice. I mean not much mention about what you do. So I thought I might praise you for making what I find , the most refreshing music I've yet to hear on soundclick. Really innovative, original and inspiring. I hope that you continue to create!
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