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jimmi s
northland, New Zealand
Born on September 14, 1964.
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Alternative : Experimental
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About Me
Having lots of fun watching live bands concerts raves festivals jamming electric guitars drums bass keyboards mixing sounds with multi effects just me, try to do as much as i can creating songs straight out of my head.I respect life and all musos. love chicks partys surfing just going with the flow and letting things just fall into place im a kiwi from new zealand and if ya like what you see or hear contact me and if you dont let me know too. rock on!!
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clive richardson
Hi Jimmi, Just stopping by to say thanks for adding 'Hidden Secrets' to your station...It's much appreciated. All the best, ~Clive~
Many thanks mate for adding "Crazy Race", I appreciate so much :)
Hey Jimmi! Just popping in to say hey! Hope all is well. Take care. Brandon
Hi Jimmi! Thanks for the station adds! Take care, and Happy New Year!! -Brandon
Hey Jimmi! I'm just stopping by to wish all of my friends a Merry Christmas, and to let you know that I *finally* finished my next masterpiece, called "Suspended". Please stop by to check it out! -Take Care! Brandon
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