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Mário Rafael Amado Alves
Amado Alves
Braga, Portugal
Born on June 1, 1963.
composer, linguist, computer scientist (day job)
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Rock : Progressive Rock
Progressive rock covers. Tribute to a genre.
Classical : Contemporary
The classical approach to alternative music.
Rock : Rock General
Radio-friendly rock songs.
Rock : Progressive Rock
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About Me
I research or teach for a living. I compose for immortality. See also: http://soundclick.com/amadoalves https://beta.indabamusic.com/people/marius http://myspace.com/mastersofsilenceband http://amado-alves.info ...
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In memoriam Irene, 1931-02-01, 2010-11-01   (Este texto é bilingue, português e inglês, por essa ordem: a parte inglesa aparece a seguir à portuguesa, entre parêntesis retos. [This text is bilingual, Portuguese and English: the English part comes after the Portuguese, between square brackets.])

Queridos familiares e amigos [dear relatives and friends]:

Eis um pequeno nada pelo primeiro aniversário póstumo, o 80º, da minha mãe Irene [here's a little something for the first postumous anniversary, the 80th, of my mother Irene]:


A foto, tirada por mim em 1977, mostra a Irene no seu local de...
"Collab" with Peter Gabriel   Rearranged Peter Gabriel's "Games without Frontiers" for a contest:


Voting is closed.

Old script:

Take a listen. And cast your vote: I don't expect first place, but an honorable mention alone could jumpstart my pet project the Progressive Rock Academy.

Thanks a lot.
old blabbering about my self   Changed the text on my profile page greatly. For whatever purposes, follows the retired text.

Professionally I have dwelt in the area of Software Engineering all my life. In Education, Industry, and Science (current status).

I have not dwelt professionally in Music yet.

That said, I am a composer since my teens. On 2007, my catalogue has circa 100 items of many genres (progressive rock, contemporary, piano solo, symphonic, etc.)

A few works have been performed publicly, but not widely enough, and have not circulated long enough to make me a known composer.

Now let's see how they strive on...
Hi, Thanks so much for your comments and interest in my music. I appreciate that very much. I have some more current music, which I did with my wife before she passed away from cancer, in April, 2014. Not sure what I'm going to do now; haven't written anything in quite awhile, but I'm trying to move on. Don't hesitate to reply! Your new friend, Michael Maroon/NightHawkrock.
Marius! Just wondering how everyone is doing here at the "Click" and you're on the list. :) Peace, FTK
seth smivet
Thanks for the great review of "indemnity" Marius - I truly appreciate it! Cheers Steve
Johnny Yellowheel
Hello Marius. Man with the Golden Ears... if you have a moment please drop by and listen to "Sailor". It has a few bumps on the road but the groove is pretty good. Tell me your thoughts.. have a Blessed year.. take care, Johnny
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