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About Me
Life has a way of putting things on hold and as many of you can see I've not only been on hold but I've been tied up and gagged. Hopefully things will change for me again soon. I still hope to have the privilege of working more with The SolitaireOne but I also plan to branch out a bit on my own and produce some songs I have on a back burner. Still young at heart and am letting some younger generations influence my music styles these days, so don't be surprised by what may come out of this brain. Thanks to those of you who still stop by just to see if there is anything new in the works. See you soon and keep making that wonderful music.
WHY RED OCTOBER ?   When I wrote RED OCTOBER there were several emotions I went through as I chose the title and the words and the music. By chance I saw a news report about the severe drought in the southern states and was astounded at the implications of the heat wave and the water shortage that was effecting several states. Tremendous growth in that area combined with bad planning and lack of precipitation created a series of events that is threatening the way of life for people in the south. Emotionally it hit home in different ways for me. My elderly mother lived through the dust bowl in Oklahoma and I ...
IS THERE A SONG IN THIS ??   Well I feel like I've been away so long I can't remember my log in name. Turmoil hits everyone and I am no exception, the economy has been unkind to us and my husband lost his job right after the new year started. We have been planning to make changes in our life style for a long time but it seems now we have been kicked into action. Getting rid of unwanted items and letting go of old memories are what I wake up to these days. I keep trying to sing through it all, the blues do come in handy and I just know there has to be a good song come out of all of this mess. Guess that's the beauty ...
SONG TITLES THAT GRAG ATTENTION   You know the saying you can't judge a book by it's cover? Well the same principle can apply to songs as well. I am very attracted to songs with odd or unusual titles. I don't know why, maybe it is just that I appreciate clever marketing techniques, or I hope that the title reflects the songs content. All I know is different song titles cling to you like static on clothes right out of the dryer. Think of some titles, does it make you wonder what it is about or does the title make you think you know what it is about? Don't be fooled because sometimes the title is not linked to the meaning ...
the unknown band
hey becca. check out the vid on our page that we just put up. i think u'll like it!
Guido Scope
Hi Becca, How are you doing? Still great hearing Red October, when arriving at your page. I put up a new bandpage for my duo with saxophone player Trinus de Vries, I would really appreciate if you could check it out when you have time. Have a great weekend, Guido
Hi Becca, Thanks for adding Out of the Blues to your station. I am honored to be in to be on such a great station. You really have a lot of good music going on! Keep on digging the blues. Johnny
Hello Becca, Wow, Red October is and awesome tune....love the vocal, really gets down.....great production...... Have a wonderful day, :) Luv N Hugs, Kurt
Hi Becca. Many thanks for the kind comments!! Great voice on Red October. Nice production too. Cheers! Craig
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