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Göran Samuelsson
Goran Samuelsson
Helsingborg, Skåne  Sweden
Born on February 11, 1957.
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Blues : Blues General
Guitar Player
Blues : Blues General
An international band, three members from USA and one from Sweden. Virtual because we never met in real life.
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About Me
Been playing guitar since early age. Played in some local bands in the '70s and '80s, took a long break when family, children, work and house consumed all time during the '90s. Started playing again in 2001 and enjoy playing at local jam sessions and in my home studio with friends from all over the world. Internet's fantastic! My main instrument is guitar, but I play some half decent harp and keyboard if necessary. I sometimes even sing if nobody else volunteers.
New song   Check out my new collab "TransAtlantic Blues" with the extraordinary "Extra Crispy".

Based on a backtrack "The Blues" by Althrax. EC and me added some solos, and I did the mixing.

Here it is: https://soundclick.com/share?songid=9250566
Merry Christmas, G!
Hej Goran, Håber det går godt... Har oploaded et track på din Soulthang BT..Håber du syntes om det. mvh Finn
Thought you might like this... http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?genre=Blues&songid=12254302&q=hi
Happy New Year Goran, hope 2013 will be great for you and your loved ones. Finn
Goran Samuelsson
Thanks everybody for your comments. Been busy doing other things for a long time now hopefully I will be back doing what I like the most any day now... Been doing some remixing of old tunes lately, just to relearn Cubase again and possibly improve them. If you see any songs on my music page marked "(2012 remix)" that's them! /GoranS
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