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Thomas King
tom king
Gary, IN  USA
Born on October 2, 1951.
Jazz : Jazz Fusion
Funky,Wild,Exotic,and Cool. Jazz Fusion Mixed With All Flavors Of Genre's.An Uncharted Excursion Into Jazz Music.
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About Me
I love to create music.Im In my Studio more hours everyday than any room In my house.My Studio Is In My Basement so I had to do a lot work to make It as comfortable as could be.My friends can come by and really feel the luv.besides my Equipment I have a L-shaped bar for refreshments.This Is my second Studio.The first was called "The Galaxy Room" so this Is Room 2. Room 1 was more of an all In one place.A party let your hair down place.I did'nt spend near the amount of time there like I do now,I had a gig to go to five days a week swing shift,plus my kids were younger then so they were In my mix everyday.now I have more time for my creating,and one thing now that excites me, are collaborations.To put together music with someone far away and have never been Inside a Studio together.that blows me away. I started Collabs In 2006 and It's been very rewarding.Thanks to Rapster aka Joe Nickerson, and Margot Du bois,Jim Emmons,and Leonard Barger and DMD for the great collabs we've done together,very fullfilling.Im a Keyboard Player who loves Music and Love to create songs.We lost some great people last year,but they won't be forgotten.Good Luck to us all In 2011 and beyond. Tom King
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Wheres The Love   Hey Soundclick Fans. Not long ago I remember all the love on here.Artist commenting on your songs and just stopping by to say hello.Well here lately there's been few and few contacts.Artist you know just don't get Involved anymore.Remember I said "stick together". I hardly try anymore because It seems so useless now.I thought this was a great Family here on Soundclick but now It's so sad we are not Involved like we were.Please,lets get back to basics and enjoy everyones Music here on Coundclick. Tom King
Father Day Blues   Is It just me .Is Mothers Day better than Fathers Day? Really they should be equal.Mothers Say you shower her with flowers and kisses..nice Huh...Hey Mothers Day & Fathers Day are very Important.So don't get jealous guys ,just Enjoy the day...Happy Fathers Day...Tom King
Here I go Again   Ok, I got up this morning ,turn on the TV and there It was.The End Of The World May 21St. 2011. People or posting signs,wearing shirts,Quitting there Jobs.WOW.when I write Blogs,I write from tmy heart.I truly believe somethings Is coming but Im not sure It's going to be tomorrow.When I wrote my previous Blog "Time Is Running Out" I was talking about what would happen If we did'nt stop the wars and learn to live peacfully.It seems that to some people Its all over In about twenty four hours..I still believe we have time to chage all of this. I talked to my family about this and one person said ...
Happy Holidays & Best Wishes For The New Year!!! :)
Hey King you still active on here? Life has been so writing worthy. It takes me away to live it and I write like mad, only to tangle my wings over and over. I am about settled in once and for all. For real. It is all about recording in 2019 now, because I now have time. When you remove dark seeded souls from your life, you can begin living. I did it! Let freedom live. You want to make some music after the holidays? Remember you are one of my favorites! XO Angel
Hey Tom, great to hear from another "Soundclick" oldie like myself! We have a brilliant design now at Soundclick, but somehow our viewing potential has become limited apart from those who occupy top positions in Charts all the while. I'll be back later today or tomorrow to listen to your page. Best Wishes - Tony.
Hey Tom, Just stopping by to wave hi over here to you. Hope all is good over your way! stay well and creative!! k
Hope all's well Tom. If you have any difficulty in find stuff on the new site, give me a shout.
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