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Lynne Taylor
Bribie Island, Queensland  Australia
Check out my new page www.soundclick.com/AlokasBackingTracks
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Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Solo Original New Wave, Artist with Sound
Electronic : Ambient
Acoustic : Cover Songs
Blues : Blues Rock
Original Song-writer & Composer... A One-man Band, playing Original songs... Rhythm & Blues, with a touch of Country.
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About Me
~ I'm an acquired taste ~
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Liked SoLaRiS (GB)'s song ShAmE n U. Jan 27
Liked Ed Drury's song She Said Ahhh. Jan 27
Liked Pianoman.one's song Robots In Love. Jan 27
Added Waves Dancing to her playlist Aloka Play. Jan 23
Liked Eric R Fairhurst's song Entropy's Calm. Jan 18
Liked Kathy Reynolds's song Gothic Prelude. Jan 17
Posted on Michael Duran's message board. Jan 17
Liked ALPHA ONE OMEGA's song DREAMSTATE parts 9-10. Oct 5, 2018
Liked ALPHA ONE OMEGA's song SOLAR 01. Oct 5, 2018

Alan L Cole
Hi Lynne, Here is a link to a take I did on your very cool "Source Code Suspence": https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13841790
Alan L Cole
Hi Lynne, I saw your post about your very cool backers on Michael's page and downloaded a bunch - I hope that is okay. I also participate on another site where guitarists play to backers and I might offer some of your tracks if that is also okay. I would be happy to send track links to you in both cases if again this is alright with you. Thank you Lynne..Alan
Thanks for the link Lynne, I had a separate page of backers that SC made me take down "because they weren't different enough from my main page"... hmmm.. my backer stem tracks were lost to a PC crash a few years ago... I still have the Magix library and loops that built most of them, but the arrangements are long gone.. thanks again! have a great weekend!
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Lynne I keep receiving LinkedIn messages directed from you to me....I don't trust LINKEDIN...If you want to talk with me email me at soundclick…..When you do Ill explain why...…...How are you? I hope you are well......God BLess you......Katherine aka Faunaserene
JN Troyer
hey, Thanks a milllll.. Ive gotta get out more and look around..its a problem. But thank you so much for addin one of my ditties! ALOHA ALOKA!
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