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ron green
Carlisle, Cumbria  United Kingdom
Born on December 29, 1953.
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Rock : Guitar Rock
It's all just me really. I play all the instruments, mix and master everything, and am to blame if it all goes wrong!
Rock : Rock General
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About Me
Hi, my name is ron,I've been playing the bass guitar on and off since I was 16(and that wasn't last week).I've had songs rattling around in my head for years, but untill I turned my garage into a recording studio (of sorts I record onto computer), and started learning the guitar, I didn't have a way to get them out.I have always loved music,and to be able to get my songs out of my head and into my ears is an incredible feeling.I just hope someone out there likes them too.
Hearing my song on the net   I just can't get over hearing one of my songs over the internet.I uploaded it on Sunday and I can't come down.I've been buzzing since!What an amazing place Soundclick is,giving people like me a place to publish songs on.I've listened to quite a lot of other artists songs, and all I can say is there's a lot of tallent out there.Long live Soundclick!
Carol Douglas
Hi Ron, Can't thank you enough for the co-write "Spanner in the can" .....I'm more than pleased with what you've done. Carol.
Hi Ron... thanks fo the connection... When I was a child, I use to love thode puzzle books, where you had to join the dots to get the picture... this is like that - SoundClick is a Great Site ! Cheers from Australia, Lynne (Aloka).
hiya ron its callum... where can i find all your songs??
Ron, Where ya been hidin??? The kettles burned its arse out. Any Milk???
Ron, Thanks for the friendship add. I appreciate it !! /Hans
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