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Beth Fridinger
Boston, ma  USA
My own artist page
Blues : Blues Rock
Blues rock, classic rock, blues, folk, Americana, acoustic guitar, singer songwriter, Boston, MA, singer,
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About Me
I am a photographer and singer/songwriter. I came back to music after a long absence from it. Some of my tunes I collaborated with other musicians, and some I did myself. I've begun to play a little bass, mandolin, percussion, and harmonica on my tunes. I enjoy collaborating with others. If you need a female singer with an alto voice, I'm here. If you like my songwriting voice and music please contact me at ELSOL103@gmail.com
just saying hello   Well spring is around the corner...I love the warmer weather...and don't like the cold.
Buddy Miles, who was a really great drummer and singer, has died at 60...he was in Band of Gypsies with Jimi Hendrix if you all remember.
Well, I have a song "Oh Why Must They Die" and it's on Neil Young's living with war site...you can listen to it at my soundclick page or click into Neil Young's site and search for me there.
Now, I asked how to find this blog box...I couldn't find it on my own....there only seemed to be a view the blog and not something to make a new blog. How do you ...
two new song mixes   I am excited about two new songs, "Honey" and "Look in the Mirror" Check em out!!
FendrGuitPlayr Jam tomorrow 12-2 at Buzz's place!
FendrGuitPlayr Hi Beth, yes, I'm doing okay, how about you?
Season's Greetings!
brenny Hey there Beth,
Like your Honey song.
Keeping it real!

Hayley Oliver Hi Beth, :)

I hope all's well with you and you had a nice Christmas.

I'm wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and successful 2009.

Peace and love
FendrGuitPlayr Hi Beth -

Due to my health situation, I didn't make it to many of the jams, but hope to see you when they start up after the new year. I finish my chemo around then and hoping for a much better year, next year. ;)

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