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Roberta Miller
Pawtucket, RI  USA
Born on March 27, 1946.
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About Me
My name is Roberta Miller.My husband is Roger Glenn Miller. I'm happy to be marry.He the best. Making CD and Video, on our tv show.
Hayley Oliver Hi Roberta, just picked up your other message on my board. i'd love to hear your songs, and thank you for offering to send them.

please forward them to


Hayley Oliver Hi Roberta,

thanks so much for the nice message you left for me, i'm sorry it's taken me this long to write back, i haven't been on soundclick for a long time!

i'm happy to know that Keith is playing my music, please pass on my thanks to him for that.

i'd love to add you on facebook, but it can be difficult for me to find people on there by name, can you let me know the email address you have registered with the site and i will look you up on the search with that. or you could add me using


look forward to connecting on FB.

take care

jeffscottstevens Thanks for adding New Love to your station Roberta. So glad you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for my new single coming out in a few weeks. Have a great day.
bobcaruana1956 Hello Roberta, stopped by to have a listen and to wish you a safe and wonderfull week end, GOD bless
bobcaruana1956 Hello Roberta, hope you had a great christmas, and i wish you and all your loved ones a very safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR, god bless
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