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daniele LERMITE
LE MANS, France
Born on September 16, 1950.
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Liked wmmusic's song Sonate in C for Synth.mp3. Jun 7, 2012
Liked Sergey Muravyev(SMV)'s song Beautiful Flower. May 6, 2012
Hi Dani, how are you? We long saw us not there. I now study singing, no more composing. If you will hear my new vocal record Caro mio ben, you are heartilly invited. :-) Have a nice day and nice all new year. Jiri
Gabe Stenziano
Hi, just wondering if you still come to soundclick. take care, gabe
robert steven hunt
Bonjour Dani, Joyeux Noel etBonne Annee! I hope you are well. I have had a very eventful year. I now have a producer who recorded a full version of Eira's theme just before Christmas (he played it on a Steinway grand) ready for Matt Dunkley (a world famous arranger) to set the music for an orchestra. I have also composed the music for a song called "The Beauty of it all which will be going on Youtube during January 2012. Managed to get 2 tracks on a charity CD in USA at the end of the year too. I am hoping to begin work on a CD in 2012, with new versions of some iold favourites and some new tracks developed in 2011. Decided to launch my music further in 2012 after meetings with a Mentor in the Family Business group in Reading (UK). All the very best for 2012. Keep in touch,thanks for all your support. Rob.
robert steven hunt
Hi Dani, thank you so much for selecting ten of my piano music tracks for your music stations, I was really deeply touched that you have supported my original music in such a lovely way. I have just bought a new Roland keyboard workstation, which will hopefully improve the quality and range of my music in the future. I only began sharing my compositions with a wider audience on the net last April, since then I've received many supportive comments from around the world. I have a video of 3 tunes on Youtube (my main channel now) and also on Reverbnation.com (all under my full name Robertstevenhunt). I hope you have a brilliant Easter, please keep in touch and thank you again for your kindness. There is more music on the way for 2011. Greetings and best wishes from England, God Bless! Rob.
Gilbert Bernier
Merci de vous joindre à mon groupe d'amis et merci pour vos bons mots, ils sont très appréciés. Bien a vous. Gilbert
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