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Shantiel Kaiser
Manitou Springs, Co.  USA
Born on August 16, 1956.
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About Me
Well let me start off with the 60s where the BOM! LOL! Yep I am a Lost Hippie Chick In my 50s now and woundering just where i fit in as i helped to bring in the Aquarian Age way before my time i am still waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. Being a Starseed has its disadvantages ! LOL! So there i go ( OUT THERE Again! LOL! ) I can say that i grew up in Las Vegas Nevada where most people that live there are certianly not from there i had 3 Boys there and then had to leave the energy got way to Negitive there! WOW! So now i have gone to the Mountians Up High and out as far as possable away from such energy ! Ya so i found myself right in the thick of it all! YEP Right here @ the Base Of Norad. What we call our stargate of the 21 century, tucked nice and snugg in Cheyene MT. And flanked on the No. with The Awesome Garden Of The Gods Ancient Lumerian Lands, Then we have the South Gate Filled With ETs YEP I said it! There is a Womans Prison In Canyon City And I Say that it is a cover up for the South Entrance to Norad or ( New HomeLand Security ) Needless to say i didnt get away from anything as Area 51 is Nothing compaired to this Place! Well Enough Of Thos Guys! LOL! Hope To Hear Some Awesome Music To Click! Have A Great Day or Night The Very Biggest Of Hugs,that reminds me have you all heard about the Newest thing! YEP Give A Free Hug! WOW! I Thought Of That 20 Years Ago But AGain Ahead Of My Time!!LOL! Everyone Thought That I Was Nutzzz ! LOL !
Johan Hermansson
Hi there! I would like to thank you for adding one of my songs to your station. Input and support is always welcome. Thanks again. Keep well. Johan
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