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bluzkat audio
Lansing, MI  USA
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Urban : Funk
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About Me
While I grew up on Rock n' Roll, Jazz, Funk, Blues, R & B and anything else my ears found pleasing, my recent endeavours include electronic soundscapes and rhythms, instrumental electric guitar pieces and of course... some bluesy guitar stuff. Thanks for stopping by... PEACE. ******************************************************
More new music...   I just uploaded a new ambient piece, titled "Flow". This is quite a departure from the 'norm' for me, sort of 'movie-esque' (is that a word?).

What do you think? Please take the time to let me know, it will be much appreciated!

Thank you!!   I just wanted to thank everyone that has stopped by to listen to "Don't Hold Me Down". Another big thank you to all who sent their encouragement while I was recovering from my health issues, you folks are special!

Enough blubbering... back to work.
New music and other ramblings...   I've been keeping busy trying to get some of these songs finished, somedays it just feels like I'm spinning my wheels. The 'productive' days are getting a little closer together. It has been a rough ride!

Thanks to all of those who inquired about my health, I can finally say I'm feeling alot better! Thanks again.

Please check out "Don't Hold Me Down"... just a bunch of guitar stuff (no drums, no click track, lmao) and a few keyboard parts. Please feel free to leave a comment, the input helps alot.

Hi BK, Just released a new song yesterday 11pm Friday Night...a bit of a word montage about city club life. If you get a chance, please have a listen. Cheers
Hey BK - Thanks for stopping by, spins and station adds! Just been spinning your new tunes and sounding fine as ever amigo! /Mike
Thanks so much for adding my song UNOMATO to your station. Just checking out Mo Funk 2 and love the groove. Checking out the rest now. Keep playing them funky blues :)
Hey there Bluzcat how are you cuz? Just dropping by to say thank you for the warm comments on my marriage. Have a great Wednesday ;)
Hey BK :) Thanks for stopping by and the station add :D Hope that you're doing okay these days? I'm surviving, but can't complain. Any day above ground is a good day. ;) Be well amigo!
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