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Ousama Afifi
eg music
Alexandria, Egypt
Born on January 1, 1960.
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Egyptian Carnaval in Top 10 on Classical & Symphonic charts   Egyptian Carnaval is a symphonic poem illustrating a year of struggle of the Egyptian people ending with 4 great days from 30 June to 3 July 2013. About 30 million Egyptian citizens went down the streets to show their solidarity against the new regime that took power after the January revolution 2011. The president refused to step down. Instead, he threatened that there will be blood shed.
The Egyptian army intervened to save the country and prevent civil war. Egypt celebrated that night with moments of overwhelming joy.
Thanks to all listeners and to all supporters of free Egypt.
Jubilant Egypt #1 on Main Classical chart   Good News, "Jubilant Egypt" has reached the top of the main classical chart, thanks to all listeners. Interestingly, the common keyword used in the comments on this music was "uplifting". In fact, this is one of the rarest "moods" of music and also hardest to compose. It is really rewarding and, in contrast to other "moods", gives a positive feeling of achievement compared to "sad", "romantic" or "dramatic" for example. Thanks again to all friends and artists who cared to listen to "Jubilant Egypt".
My best wishes to all.
Ousama Afifi, EG Music.
Jubilant Egypt #1 on Classical General chart   Jubilant Egypt is a cheerful music expressing celebrating atmosphere "supposed" to be there in Egypt after the "success" of its people's revolution in Jan 2011. The words between brackets indicate that the time of real victory has not come yet. However, artist's view of that atmosphere is ready in the background. When time tells us that the revolution has achieved its full goals then it will have reached real success. Thanks for all fellow artists & friends for the kind support, to both the county & the music.
marc morlock
There is so many knowledge in Egypt "Ousama" ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5SLvIYHtkw I hope all is well ! Marc
Hi Ousama It's been a while since I contacted you. I hope you are well and the music is still flowing from you. I have a new tune on my page, "Tabla Kababra." If you'd like to check it out, it's there. Peace to you, your family and friends, and all the best in 2014. -pete
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Hi Ousama, Thanks for your comments and for the information about Egyptian music. Maybe I can use it when I try something Egyptian/Arabic again. And I wish you, your family and all Egyptians all the best for 2014. Many greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
Thanks, my friend, for your very kind words ("Whose Bells Tolls"). Wishing the best for you and your country, Alexander.
Hi Ousama, I like to invite you to take a listen to my new one, "Whose Bell Tolls?". Enjoy your weekend, Alexander.
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