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crystal vision
Ottawa, Canada
Born on March 5, 1966.
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About Me
I enjoy all kinds of music, I use it specifically for healing methods. Later, when my business is more established, I will use it for training and helping others to heal through sound..I am searching for certain music with special meaning, with different sound/voice tones, so keep writing! Everyone on my site has touched me deeply somehow, an emotion that spoke to me with special meaning...I have been listening very intently to each song, over & over to receive the proper feeling it radiates to your listeners. Have to admit, it has also been a part of something in my life...keep living & dreaming, for we all hear what is being said, only deeper! Namaste, Cheryl
wow what a niice song! i really like soft music n i think ur right about it havn healin properties. i dj hip hop so its so niice to stop n listen to sumthn peaceful like this. i cant exactly advertise that i love the soundtracks to braveheart n gladiator n last of the mohicans lol but that is real music to me. enya too, beautiful voices ^_- i will write u a little list of my favourites n would be great if u could do same 4me. take care n stay blessed =]
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