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Michael Haro
michael oh
Memphis, Tn.  USA
Born on October 21, 1964.
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Instrumentals : Smooth
I'm a beat maker, writer, (Film,Poetry,Shorts,Songs,and anything i feel) and Promoter!
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About Me
Born In L.A.. Cally! Raised by the system & even alleys. Moms & pops were feens, smack up, robbing banks both died by the sword it seems. I didn't come out 2 clean; did my dirt, but found a way 2 be seen. Movies, music, poppen, and even magazines. Now! Here I am... soundclicking hoping you will hear my dream! Time is ticken... that's why i'm the O.G. Tic-Tac. I know some folks from Cally remember me, and If they don't I'm glad 2 know I'm found in your memory.
thx 4da add.. oh did he go away without to leave any adress?? :S yeah i'l put some songs on my page soon..it's just at the moment i have no chance to record some... i haven't got the technic and i don't know ppl in my area who could help me but I'm asking and searching because i want a good record and not a bad record... i want it to sound good... i have a vocal coach and im recording sometimes in my lesson some songs but because of the unprofessional technic it doesn't sound as good as i want it... but i'll take these tapes from my coach we have recorded and put it on my page NEXT WEEK (there ive got a lesson) and use these tapes untill ive got some new chances for better records ;) holla yazz
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