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Les Hunt
Jasper, Alberta  Canada
Born on September 1, 1961.
My own artist pages
Acoustic : Acoustic Guitar
acoustic folk sound with a little bit of blues
Urban : R&B/Soul/Pop
rock ,pop,folk story,poerty in motion,Alive and well ,Creative-in love with life
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About Me
Started In--Canada,Victoria.B.C. A small group of every day people with an inner desire to create a healthy personal world for them self,s and others Through creative expression and connection Started by a Night Auditor with internet (Guy with Hat) who was restless in the winter months so began to re vist a passion that got buried over the years (by Stuff) SONG WRITING then joined by another night auditor(Guy with sunglasses) with same passion and much more talent ,,And nigelcuffmusicuk- does some production work for us -and so did Eric-Elie Now mixing up our skills to get the best with what we have at THIS MOMENT We ar e now scattered Les In Jasper -Eric In Qubec -Dom still in Victoria but by internet have still completed some songs check out the artist/ bands--Wishing you a great day-From the Heart Beat Files
The Zeitgeist Papers   Lyrics-----For Uping coming New CD (the Zeitgeist Papers.also poetry by aka -shadowdancer,,Les Moore, --Les Hunt**********

Like walking through a blizzard in the middle of night
Looking For the wizard Who Stole The LIGHT
Roll up your Sleeves And Roll the Dice
We are Going through the Zeitgeist
Just dropped in 4 a listen. Was not dissaponted!
shaun hull
[last edited on Thu Nov 27, 2008 @ 09:01 AM]
man, i could swear I sent you a msg-saying I hope you're havin' a nice holiday!...band on the run...happy to you and yours man... =z=
Les, I'm very sorry it has taken me so long to drop by.I feel really bad that I havent stopped by till now.I so much appreciate you being a fan and well........I'm a jerk!!! Really like your tunes I'm so far behind in listens and well everything else I feel akward aakward hmmmm strange showing up this late. Please forgive this old fart. I hope you guys have a great week and if you get a chance bag up some of that cool Canadian air and I'll send you my address. Your Friend, Down in 107 degree Texas, peace danny
Velvet Garage
Thanks for adding "My Own Tree" to your station! Your "Looking Disease" video gave me a chortle, guffaw and a slight twitter. All the best, ~Sandy
shaun hull
Hey guyz…been outta’ wack for a bit…just wanted to drop by and say “I hope y’all are rockin’ as always”…thanx for all the nice comments…love the background of your baby…sweet… peace-n-music always, =z=
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