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Matt Love
Ypsilanti, Michigan  USA
Born on September 10, 1956.
My own artist pages
Rock : Cover Songs
brainy, noisy, discordant, fun, happy, silly, sweet, political, righteous, rockin
Alternative : Avant Rock
We were founded to distribute the music of Baby Face and the Heels, the best tribute band to The Cowboy Gondoliers in the city.
Alternative : Experimental
Stomp, swerve, American Music gets hot, dirty fingernails, chalkboards, razor cuts, plaque, carbonation, retrograde, dwarfish
Alternative : Experimental
BP are a bunch of corporate memory-destroying fret-wanking MTV-supporting fame-chasing money-grubbing grave-robbing publicity-loving nostril-hair-braiding vacuous spoiled jaded rock whores.
Podcasts : Comedy
Michigan's premere bank sponsored band!
Blues : Blues General
Good places for the Blues: a. Highway b. Jailhouse c. Empty bed d. Bottom of a whiskey glass
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Kraftwerk, Telex, Gary Numan, Lothar and the hand people, TYPE(PM-RAM), KERNAL IVirq10 11101 101101000, %00!/#. Function() IVirq10 100100HX D0X012, (0x017fff) $##.## 1001001 &0,0 KERNAL. Kernal A2B2 1001001 SPF-30 (0.0), !(AB(X)) function() 1011..
Podcasts : Comedy - Adult
O'blerg's Pub - where the food is cold, the drinks are warm, employees are rude, and audiences are indifferent!
Alternative : Alternative General
The smell of rain, the vision of a rainbow, the sound of the future
Alternative : Alt Power Pop
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About Me
When I dance, it looks a little like a hippo struggling to get out of an overturned rail car. When I sing, that's what it sounds like, too.
Personal Information
Ypsilanti, Michigan 
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