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Another Beltane  
Current mood: Pensive
Current weather: warm 26°C, cloudy
Current listening: erm, nothing at the moment

Beltane, or Bealtaine, or however you call it. comes to the northern hemisphere. It definitely has been summery here. Life is moving at a brisk pace. So it is also in my personal life, with new developments coming into play and my life moving forward. Usually this time of year is not my thing, those who have followed my blog know that I'm a winter person. Lately, though, I've been more at peace, which I suppose is appropriate in this time of spring and summer.

As usual, I ...
March Equinox 2016  
Current mood: pensive (again, I'm a thinky person, eh?)
Current weather: clear, warm
Current listening: Spiral Dance

Spring has sprung, and early--but is it going to stay this way? It never does, really, but we'll see.

Still, in this time of balance, life is returning. With the return of life comes renewal, and new plans for the future even as the world renews itself. Not many people think in terms of such things, ironically in this modern world with everything accelerating forward into the future, with new discoveries or something new to experiment with every year, but on a more ...
Seasons Change Again  
Current mood: pensive
Current weather: rain
Current listening: Inkubus Sukkubus

The seasons pass, and this brings the time of Imbolc to the northern hemisphere. The local climate can be unpredictable this time of year though. It can be warm and springlike, even almost summery, or cold at wet. Currently it is in cold mode. Winter still has its hold, for now, as it is in most of the temperate northern hemisphere. Spring will arrive, though, and with it the promise of a new cycle, and new beginnings for a new future. There are promises forthcoming for me personally in my life this ...
Dear friend, with some pride I report that the fourth LaughingSkull album 'Birthright' has just been released. http://www.amadearecords.com/view_album.php?object=193
Have a wonderful Holiday :)))
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Dreamlight! I hadn’t imagined to hear from you this night--or when the message was sent--but tonight for me….I suppose that is the beauty of posts and retroactive collected when ready replies, where weeks, months, even years, and then suddenly—surprise! 8DDDD Happy New Year! (I know this is your season…enjoy!!!) :D
Hey DL...cant say I have been busy...got stuck on Facebook for the most part...it is true that I have been sick quite alot but I have no good reasons for why I havent been here....short term memory loss etc....Hope all is well with you..........Peace Owl
Hi DL, ...Been awhile....it's nice to hear from you. Life is fleeting; it moves too fast....best to appreciate the glory of all we have while it lasts. ~Season's blessings :D
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