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David Briggs
david a briggs
United Kingdom
Born on October 30, 1952.
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Pop : Power Pop
Rock : Progressive Rock
Pop/Rock, Psychedelic, Ambient, Rhythm & Blues and beyond.
Rock : Cover Songs
An 'Invisible Band' project.
Alternative : Experimental
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About Me
I play guitars . . . electric, acoustic and bass. I also play rudimentary keyboards, harmonica, and sing as best as I can . . . I record direct onto Adobe Audition 1.5 (formerly Cool Edit) from a Pod version 2.0. All the music that I create by myself, goes by the name of Major Snagg, and the music I co-create with my sometime musical collaborator, Tony Webster, is Big Sleep. The Valiant B's section, is a secret dark corner for the music I find harder to put a label on ! Acoustic, Ambient and other 'experimental creations' live here. . . Recordings made for the now closed, but none-the-less brilliant site that was The Coconut Blues Club.
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The return of The Lykes Of Wytch   Here's a new cover song (and an instrumental version of it) by my imaginary psychedelic Pop band...The Lykes of Wytch. It's been a while since their last release of anything onto Soundclick. In fact, the last songs from them were See Emily Play and Arnold Layne. Enjoy the good vibrations people...get 'hip' to the groovy beat.
Ernie Ball 12 string Slinky Custom Gauge 2230 (Nickel wound).   A special 'Hi' to any players of 12 string guitars out there here on Soundclick. I've always struggled with the string tension on both my 12 string guitars. I own a beautiful red Yamaha Pacifica PAC303-12 and an electro-acoustic Yamaha APX-4-12A. But now I believe that I've now found the perfect set of strings that suit both guitars...this gauge of strings is perfectly fine for electric or acoustic guitars in my opinion...
Ernie Ball 12 String Slinky Custom Gauge 2230 (Nickel wound).

The gauges are...E - 008 / 008
B - 010 / 010
G - 008 ...
When Pirates Ruled The Airwaves   Ok pop pickers, this new album is available as a FREE down load for you to enjoy. Make up a CD but remember to leave no time gaps between any of the tracks. The commercials link the song and enhance the enjoyment so don't miss them out . Enjoy ...David
Seems that the new SC replaces smileys with "??", which might be misinterpreted... I listened and commented to your new stuff. High quality stuff aal around. Seems we are both quite productive at this time. I have a new one up also (smiley)
Thanks a heap, David, for those very nice words on "Romeo with no Juliet". Really made my day ?? Have a great weekend Cheers Holger
Hi David. I have a song up. "Romeo with no Juliet". One of my older songs, that means a lot to me. Finally I got it recorded :) Cheers Holger
Hi David, I saw Van Morrison the other night. I never realized his multi talents. He plays sax, guitar, piano, harp and sang some newly arranged songs of his. He was the master conducting his 7 piece band. His guitarist was amazing and very fluid laying and hardly ever looked at his fretboard but played great! Seen any good shows lately?
Thanks for the kind words, David!
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