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Paulo R Nery Lima
Curitiba, PR  Brazil
Born on April 15, 1955.
My own artist pages
Rock : Classic Rock
Mamão Desacorçoado(1973-74) was a band formed by Paul Nery, Leo Zilli, W. Calabresi and Raul DeChristo, and was considered a pre-punk band.
Rock : Progressive Rock
Paul Nery was nominated for Best Male Solo artist at the Internet Online Music Awards ( IOMA ) 2005, and won Best Instrumental in 2006. Paul Nery uses NANO 1 and PICO 4 synthesizers.
Rock : Progressive Rock
Simbiose is a progressive band that played from 1974 to 1976, founded by Paul Nery, Leo Zilli and Walt Calabresi.
Rock : Progressive Rock
The Nery/Cammack project plays Progressive Rock, New Age, Electronica, whatever...
Rock : Progressive Rock
Zona Franca is a Progressive band from the seventies, bringing you original songs from that time!
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Recent Activity
Thanks for the connection, lost some address awhile back due to a computer malfunction!, if you can reconnect, appreciate it. just sent link to son in Seattle for his review..Jim Neary
John Feitor
Olá Paulo Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010 Feliz Natal e um excelente Novo Ano 2010 best regards! Joao Feitor
Gamma's Dave
Hi Paul. Haven't spoken with you in a while, hope you're well and still very productive. I have been and you are, as always, invited to come and listen to the new songs.
Gamma's Dave
Hi Paul, Just stopped by to let you know that I have completed my Fortress Earth album and all the songs are on my page if you'd like to hear some of them. Because of the quality of your work your opinion matters to me so I like to keep you informed when I produce new things. A good weekend, good health and many happy listeners to you, Dave
Paul my man, I thought it was about time I dropped by to say hello Best regards Tom
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