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the lone rearranger
London, United Kingdom
Born on March 30, 1969.
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Rock : Psychedelic Rock
Psych, experimental, garage, progressive, folk, electronic
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About Me
What you see is not what you get. CHECK OUT MY BAND PAGE!
ACROSTIC........   Christ has entered, interwoven;
Heart is altered, Heaven proven.
Righteousness swells, barren tundra
Irrigated; wells filling: pressure
Shattering crust; Spirit traces
Time, death, soul, dust; and embraces.
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Animals   Within the cage of our human zoo
There are those who declare:
'Animals have feelings too!'
And to show that they care
About everything from ferrets to foxes,
Drop loose change in rattling tins;
Walking by homeless trying to shelter in boxes
And beggars living out of bins.
ken hutcheson
Have a wonderful New Year!
Misty Morning
good morning its a beautiful day in my neighborhood and i hope it is in yours. i have a big pot of coffee on and listening to my "misty morning mix" station. i bet you can find some songs you like. come on over and hang out with me awhile. xoxo
How do you do? Ciao
Alan, just stoppin' in to say hi.. it's been awhile...
ken hutcheson
Hi Alan, Hope you are well. Came by to wish you a great Easter weekend! God Bless, ken
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