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Susan Raines
Sunshine Coast, Qld  Australia
Born on August 5
Singer-Songwriter from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
My own artist page
Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
Susan is a Multi-Genre Singer Songwriter formerly from Sydney now living on the Sunshine Coast.
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About Me
I'm a Singer/Songwriter from Queensland Australia. I've been in a number of bands over 30yrs but only recently started writing songs for myself. I am now producing songs myself using a cheap M-Box2 Mini and Protools LE8. I mostly collaborate online these days. I also go to local 'Jam Sessions' and occasionally 'standing-in' as lead singer for a band called 'Hell-Bent' from Newcastle over 1000 kms away. You will find these songs on my music page or on my player. There are also a few videos of a 2008 Hell-Bent gig to be found on my video page.
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My music  
Susan Raines - Solo & Collabs
SUSAN’S NEWS – Last updated 16th May 2013   :
Please feel free to join my mailing list :)

16th May 2013 - I've uploaded a couple of songs I recorded with Indigo Dingo in 2007. Orange Blossom Dreams and Secondhand Books are from Indigo Dingo's CD 'Mapleton Songs' with music, lyrics and production by Ralph Tyrrell.

6th May 2013 - Uploaded a new song, 'Maybe You Will". It's another collaboration with F-Jam Studios Online.

22nd December 2012 - The Christmas Carol 'Deck the Halls' added to my player. Another F-Jam collaboration with Fred Jam.

28th November 2012 - I have a lovely new song on my player called 'Antique Store'. It is...
New Song - Maybe You Will - an F-Jam Studios Collaboration   .
I have been working on a new song with F-Jam Studios. It's called Maybe You Will. It was an original instrumental by Fred E. Jam. I found a melody and Andy Furlong wrote the lyrics for it.

Online Collaboration - Funk
glennp: Bass
Pete-Silence: Rhythm Guitar
Susan Raines: Author melody, Vocals
Andy Furlong adf: Lyrics
Stan Gadziola: Guitar lead, horns, scat
Fred E. Jam: Drums, hammond organ, rhodes piano, harmonica,arrangement, mix/master

Maybe You Will - Lyrics by Andy Furlong

Time has come to tell you ' bout these feelings I hide
Just wanna tell you 'cause it's no good ...
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Susan its okay I understand...techy stuff can be techy tricky...I am honored to be your friend..... you've got a beautiful timbre in your voice......THank you for adding me to your friends list...………
Clickers Club
Thanks Susan! We've added your song to our latest player :) Rodrica
Thank you for adding me to your list of friends!
Thank you so much for your coding suggestions at Clickers Club Susan - you are a genius!! It works perfectly, so now we can start re-designing the Clickers Club page and holding our usual events. Thanks again, you are a star!
Keith Mitchell
Hi Susan, I've put how to embed an auto player on your music page on the clickers page for all to see. Thanks, Keith.
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