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Stevie Henderson
Victoria, Australia
Born on April 29, 1973.
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Blues : Country Blues
White Goat
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About Me
Well... I like to write & play my guitar and sing!!.... I would love to do it full time, but it would just not pay the bills... We play most weekends, and I hang out for it every week.... (It keeps my heart pumping)....when I am giging or jamming I am in my element!
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Liked Jackyfr's song Sur le meme chemin.. Jan 12, 2012
Liked Sandro Cuzzetto's song Sacrifice. Jan 12, 2012
Hey all! HAve been very busy up here in Canada. I have a CD completed and I am posting new music on my site, one song at a time, from the album. Come by and check it out. Also, if you want to know about new song postings, join the mailing list! I'll come by and keep checking your site as well, don't worry.
Ken Sacco
Merry Christmas !! Hope Santa hooks You up :)
John Kennedy
Looks like your staying busy, and even having some fun! Praise the Lord. Say, you might enjoy having a listen to some of my latest stuff on my official website. Just follow the link from my soundclick band page, to the website. You might have to brace yourself, so be prepared. Great sounds you are doing, got to love the music. Blessings, John
John Kennedy
Stevie, Just stoped bye for another listen. Let the good new roll. Enjoyed as always, Blessings, John
Hey dude! Just wanting to let you know that I finally have a few new tunes up: some hot tunes from cold Canada (actually, right now it's nice up here!). When you get a chance, come check them out and leave a comment or two!
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